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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
“Rise bright moon at the sea,the limits of the earth is totally at this time”.At noon of 19th September,2009,staff of DELTA Stone,DEXIANG factory and two other brotherhood companies gathered together to early celebrate the traditional Chinese Festival—Mid Autumn Festival.
The Mid-Autumn Festival Party began with the traditional activity of “moon-cake gambling”.Story has it been that the moon-cake gambling was developed by the historic national hero Koxinga(Deng Chenggong).Koxinga developed this slices gambling game in order to relief the homesickness of the soldiers.And now this moon-cake gambling game became the folk custom of Xiamen City.
General Manager— Mr. Huang Xiaoqing sent the festival greetings to the staff on behalf of the companies.And then came a brief introduction of the new employees.
Several interesting and funny programmes were held during the lucheon.The staff enjoyed the day,and the celebration closed with laughters.
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