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Materials available and recommended

 ISSUE MAY 2009    Copy right by DELTA

Welcome to Stone+tec 2009, NurembergGermany

We will be on this occasion,Come, sit back and chat with us!


is awaiting for your visit at

Booth No. 211 in Hall No.1

Time available only from second day of that fair, from 21 to 23 May, 2009

See you soon there



For carving items, monuments, sinks and other high-craft-skill items in Chongwu Hui’an Area

From this May 01, Fujian Provincial Government brings into enforce, with a new exporting Value-Added-Tax of 17% and rebate of 13%. This new V.A.T. and rebate adjusted will affect all carving items, monuments, sinks and other high-craft-skill items in Chongwu Hui’an Area.  In the past, this kind of VAT is 6% and with the same rebate of 6% back, in practice. The provincial government intends to regular VAT levy system throughout the whole supplying chain, from block supply to semi-production and finished products in carving items, in the days of economic crisis. The new regulation will definitely raise the exporting cost at lease 4% extra, in addition to the other production cost.  No clear compensation measurement is taken and therefore no one would be convinced on how to offset the effect on prices. For us, we will increase the offer 4% higher for those retailing items or tailor-made items. For those whole-sale items, which are defied as ‘at least one full container for one delivery’ and which we are offering year-round prices, we will try to take as big share as the cost increase from our end.


            Materials available and recommended

G354 in Shandong

The local government in Shandong G354 area announced prompt regulating on all the mini G354 quarries from this April end.  All the mini quarries without official mining permit will be called for a permanent stop from May on.  Therefore G354 will increase its raw block prices in that area. DELTA supplying factory is the biggest quarries owner in local. And therefore we have sufficient supply for your G354 orders.

Desert Brown

Desert Brown is one of our most consistent granites in color, which is hard to find difference between blocks produced today compared to those ten years ago.

Desert Brown is a very good project material. You do not have to worry about cracks at all. Especially with I-choice, you could hardly find big veining, nor do the big strong crystal changes in the face, for we already pick up those before being taken out for selling.


Desert Brown quarry is very solid. The general size mined up is around 25tons in weight with minimum 6 cube meters net.  For those blocks smaller than this size, the cost is even costly and normally for the line of monuments products.


Desert Brown is suitable for the construction purpose and for counter-top. We normally treat Desert Brown with finishes of being polished, flamed, water-jetted, bush-hammered, antique looking with flamed & brushed. Out of above treatments, being polished is the most attractive finish for most buyers.

There are two kinds of cutting directions, which could be found from the last pictures shown above.

The raw block cost is more or less the same as G684 from Fujian.

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